In 1988 our first client was a medical practice and now with over 30 years experience working with healthcare professionals, we know what it takes to make your practice calls efficient and your patients feel they are treated with care, love and tenderness..

It takes months for a MedCom commercial division operator to become a medical specialist.  Procedures, verifications, stat calls, code stemis, prescriptions, lab protocol, consults, hospital floor calls, new admits, new babies, pregnancy calls, hospice, oxygen related calls all take special training to handle properly and fit the stipulations specifically required by each individual medical practice or group. 

Script or automated announcement is available prior to a live operator finalizing the call.  We do post on call schedules for all customers, with periodic reminders.

• HIPAA / HITECH compliant
• On Call Calendar Management
• Professional Image
• Code Stemi /Stat /Medication / Lab Protocol
• Delivered messages held for next day – Review messages sent to on-calls; we can email and or fax a copy on a specific day & time per your request.

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Physician Practices:

All physician practices, including : Internal medicine • General Practitioner • Endocrinology • Cardiology • Oncology • Podiatry • Pediatrics • Neurology • Nephrology • Gastroenterology

Obstetrics & Gynecology • Psychology & Psychiatry • Rheumatology • Infectious Disease • Pulmonology

Dermatology • Dentist

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals • Veterinarian • Hospice • Home Health • Coroners • Funeral Homes

DME Companies • Infusion Clinics • Many More

Medical Equipment Providers

Emergency oxygen, air-chairs, electric hospital beds, bipaps, cpaps, shower and commode chairs, bili blankets, nebulizers, trache and suction supplies: these items are not simple equipment or medical supplies, they are an essential key to a better life for people depending on the medical equipment industry


We service a wide variety of home services companies with the understanding that every call represents potential income to your business. We insure prompt courteous service for your customers and a variety of services to make sure you get the information you require in a timely manner.

• Text Before Transfer
• Advanced Call Scripting
• On-Call rosters
• Call Verification
• Customized Relay Instructions

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HVAC • Plumbing • Lock Smith • Electrician • Tree Service • Roofing • Trash Service • Audio/Video

Home Security • Appliance Repair • Pest Control • Landscaping • Janitorial / Maid • Roofing • Carpet Cleaning


We service multiple towing companies across the southeast and have a firm grasp on what it takes to both keep the customer informed and get you the information necessary to process the job quickly and efficiently.

• Text Before Transfer
• Law enforcement list rotation
• Motor Club dispatch
• On-Call Roster
• Call Recording

Flatbed Towing • Wheel Lift Towing • Medium Duty Towing • Heavy Duty / Commercial Towing • Motorcycle Towing


Whenever the emergency occurs, we will be there for your tenants. We will field all calls and dispatch / route the call appropriately.

• Answer and dispatch calls for maintenance
• After hours calls are handled and recorded
• Call Priority Schedule
• Is it an emergency or can it wait determination
• Effectively utilize your maintenance resources

Apartment Complexes • Property Managers • Rentals • Homeowners Associations • Housing of any kind


Whatever the business, we are always on call to answer your customers calls. Whether it’s lunch / after hours or weekends and holidays our professional courteous operations will promptly answer your customer calls.

• Custom needs based plans
• On-Call Roster
• Customized Relay Instructions
• Exclusive Account Listings – Custom names, terminology and or special wording

Paint and Body • Real Estate • Construction • Remodeling • Restoration • Utility Services • Attorneys

Employment Companies • Equipment Rental • Many More

Need something industry specific? Give us a call and see how we can help.

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