A: Since January of 1988.

A: No, we do not charge a holiday fee.

A: The customer’s caller never has to listen to an automated script and then be placed on hold, not knowing if anyone is even on the other end of the line. At MedCom an actual human operator answers the call and we are here until the end of the call.

A: If you want a contract, we can provide one but normally we work under a service agreement. You can cancel at anytime.

A: Some companies spend a tremendous amount on advertising but neglect to capture the call, especially after hours. That potential customer, one in which your advertising has captured, ends up with your competition. Make sure your phones are answered 24/7. Do you think a customer is going to hold for an answering machine or a recording at 12:00 midnight?

A: All of America, but we focus primarily on companies in the eastern time zone in which we are located. Many customers come to us from services which are in a different time zone with complaints regarding calls that are time zone sensitive.

A: Normally, within two hours.

A: Yes, only in cases of emergency and monitoring. We like every operator to be in our control room where sound quality and work can be monitored. Who wants their customer to hear televisions, radios, pets, children, washing machines, neighbors, bathroom noises, etc.? We have tried remotes, they help during emergencies, but are a poor form of professionalism when answering a customer’s phone line.

A: No, we feel that would penalize our existing customers.

A: Customers say our staff is friendlier than their own in-house staff, and that maybe they should let us answer all their calls.

A: Cash, check, credit cards and electronic funds transfer.

A: Monthly, you will receive 12 bills per year, not 13 bills per year as some answering services do with a 28-day billing cycle.

A: Yes, 98% of customers pay after monthly service has been provided.

A: Yes, there is a supervisor on every shift actively responding to customers. You would not have to leave a message and wait for someone to return your call.

A: We have dual battery back-up, as well as dual generator back-up on site, in case of a power outage. We also have alternate custom phone carrier fail over in case of phone service interruption.

A: Certainly, normally we give referral credits when the referral pays their first bill.

A: We serve all medical fields. There is not a single area in the medical field in which we have not served. Some other industries include:
• Attorneys and law offices
• Carpet cleaning
• Commercial refrigeration services
• Computer repair
• Education, tutoring, driving school and tour bus services.
• Emergency maintenance: Plumbing, HVAC, electrical, lawn, landscaping & pest control
• Equipment rental, as well as repair and maintenance
• Funeral homes, body removal, cremation and burial services
• Generator services, repair and maintenance
• Government agencies: Coroner’s office, Department of Social Services, Planned
Parenthood, US Marshals, Utility companies and Youth Advocate Program
• Home and business 24-hour alarm monitoring
• Home repair and disaster relief
• Insurance authorizations and pre-certification
• Medical equipment delivery, repair and replacement
• Narcotics Anonymous as well as Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcohol/Drug Counsel
• Propane companies
• Real estate, property management, apartment complexes and home owners’ associations
• Roofing, as well as siding, window installation and repair
• Staffing companies and temp agencies
• Veterinary services: from equine to goats, cats and dogs. Pet cremation and burial services
• Weight loss and hormone therapy

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