Call Recording

Front-end Voicemail

Coverage 24/7

Web Portal

Texting & Patching

Secure Messaging

Whether it’s one of your standard answering plans or a custom designed program to fit your needs, MedCom will always process your calls in an efficient, courteous manner to assure both you and your customer are satisfied.

Recommended for Medical Practices

Connecting the caller with on call personnel

Clients call a check-in line and verbally retrieve messages

Text messaging, email, fax, paging (Alpha & Digital)​

Sending messages to one or more recipients.

Available on all serviced lines.

We keep records of every call we take for up to three months.

Available upon request for an additional fee.

Scheduling performed by a real person – not automated.

Following up with callers to make sure they’ve received a return call.

Input orders on client sites or specialized portals.

Our staff will conduct their selves as your office personnel.

In most cases accounts can be programmed and live within two hours.

Whether you are located in California or South Carolina local forwarding numbers are available. (We also provide toll-free numbers if needed).

Only if desired by the customer.

We call and wake you up or give reminders.

We have protocols in place for such calls (or you can provide your own protocols)

Scripts created by your office for us to recite to your callers upon your request.

We can completely customize scripts for your account from the questions we ask your client to the information we provide the client also the way you want your calls relayed.

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